June 2, 2008

I've Got A Blue/White Certificate

Some news and notes concerning the TOP SECRET PROJECT I've been going on about.

-I've officially signed a contract with the company. I'm employed now, but I won't be earning money until we start making it.

-The domain name for what will become our official website is registered and waiting to be created, with both .com and .net addresses.

-My third largest contribution to the project, following story and character treatments, was devising summaries for ten episodes. I basically just think of the plot and which characters will play a major part of a particular episode. I figure these ten will comprise season one, and that it might be a good idea to have the pilot episode be a two parter. Part one: introduce the characters, part two: CONFLICT! I spent a good amount of time just pondering plots, and I initially came up with a lot more than ten. So I wrote all my ideas down, worked with them a bit, then separated them into a few season's worth. Each season will have a specific storyline to network them all together. They can all be enjoyed individually, but it'll be a much better experience for audiences to catch them in succession. And think of the convenience of picking up the season sets on DVD!

-Aside from the company president and myself, we also have an artist. He made a career as a conceptual designer, illustrator, and sculptor. Whether or not you've heard of his name, you'll surely know some of the stuff he's worked on. He's created props, models, toy molds, concept art, and more for television, theater, merchandise lines, and even museums. Not even for obscure clients either, he's worked for the big names on features everyone's heard of. But he's been tasked with the most difficult challenge of his career: taking my brainstorms and bringing them into the physical realm for all to see. I would love nothing more than to show off the artwork he created based on my descriptions, but that falls under the shush order we're all being held under. I just wanted to give an idea of the serious muscle involved here. Trust me, as soon as I'm given the green light, I'll finally be able to tell you what the hell I've been up to all this time. But don't expect the cover to be blown for many months, possibly not even until next year. We will probably wait until the show is picked up and put into production before I can talk in-depth about it.

-After showcasing our project to various large entertainment conglomerates, we are now waiting for them all to mull over the idea and hopefully decide to sign us on. I've seen the Power Point presentation that was used to sell the idea to company executives, and it contains a condensed version of the story, character art by our artist along with my descriptions, and a list of the unique gadgets I designed specifically for the show. It's excellent, and accounts I've heard from these people have been positive.

-Neatest of all, I am now a member of Writers Guild of America, West. Check out the certificate I got, with confidential information blacked out, of course.

These things are hard to come by, so I'll explain the requirements one has to fulfill. You have to gain a certain amount of "units" in order to qualify for membership, while are doled out based on the level of work you have contributed to in the entertainment writing field. I earned all 24 necessary units in one shot, since I created a "bible", or a long-term story projection, for a television series. Then there's the registration fee of $2,500, which was handled by my boss. So between my first paycheck and paying for the registration, this guy has invested a lot of faith and cash in me to help make his product a success.

-As if I didn't have enough confidence that things will work out, check out what I found inside of a fortune cookie.

The Chinese cookie vendors are very wise people. As a bonus, here is what was featured on the reverse side of the fortune.

The Epitaph is educational. Just don't go stealing my lucky numbers.

And that's just the way it is.