October 15, 2012

The Legends of Gannon

I've decided to set forth on an epic adventure, following in the footsteps of the Hero of Time himself, the Hylian known simply as Link.  One of Nintendo's top gaming icons and likely rivaling Mario in popularity, Link has slashed his way through every console the Big N has put out; each of his outings considered among the best of each generation.  Like most game series that get it right the first time, the tales of Link have many recurring elements, but are varied enough to be unique entries in the mythos.  Chief among them are the hero himself rushing to save his homeland of Hyrule by liberating the mystical Triforce and Princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganondorf.  Along the way he has to traverse a vast overworld and explore dreadful dungeons in order to gain enough equipment to allow him to progress in his journey and defeat the bosses.  I've been fortunate to join the Zelda series since its original incarnation on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but I've regretfully fallen behind on several of his more recent outings.  There's even a handful I've played but never completed.  Now I'm dedicating myself to take on and conquer every single Zelda adventure in the order of their release and recording my progress here.  I won't give full reviews of each title, there's PLENTY of those on the Internet, but an overview and personal opinions of them.  What follows is a list of each game that will eventually be filled with commentary as I conquer them.  Until then, each title contains info on my experience with them, their original American release date and the console they debuted on here.