June 30, 2012

Setting Forth For Adventure

After a six month development period, I've finally begun storyboarding my online comic series Adventures In Idle.  It's a spinoff of the book series I'm working on (currently several in various states of completion) that will take place in its own universe.  The setting is the same fictional town in Rhode Island, known as Idle, and will feature many of the characters contained within.  However, I have tweaked certain aspects of them in order to make them unique to this series.  Ever since I first conceived my book series about a decade ago, I have saved hundreds of wordpad files containing storylines, character profiles, book profiles, and various other related notes.  And after putting down my horrendous webcomic August The 15th, I decided to go back to one of my first ideas for an online comic before I settled on that one: a comic book style series based on my other writings within a new timeline.  I planned on transitioning to it after August The 15th ran its course, but I never expected that to happen so early.  So with this new project I'm working with more familiar material that I strongly care about and have worked on for quite a while.