March 1, 2007

It's Dead, Jim

After six years of service, the first computer (laptop) I ever owned for myself has suffered hard drive failure. I wrote my first few stories, including my first novel, on it and made blue-prints on a few hundred potential ones. I also accidentally spewed coffee on it. Twice. Plus its been opened and closed so many times a screw securing the screen in its plastic casing popped out. I'm using the family computer to work from for now, but anything involving the scanning of pictures will have to wait. Which means my Web Comic is on hiatus.

Fortunately, I've seen this coming about a mile away, so I copied all my important files to disk about a month ago. Everything else I'm losing can be redownloaded or reinstalled. Thankfully I'm acquainted with a computer expert. He diagnosed my laptop to the fullest of his abilities, and has come to the conclusion that it has indeed "kicked the bucket". But the good doctor can also salvage the few files I've created and altered since I put them to disk, but if he can't, it won't be a tragic loss.

I'm going to purchase a new laptop very soon after I read a few newspaper flyers to discover what's out there as well as possible deals. I guess its good because, as far as technology goes, I can be brought up to speed. I mean that literally, the laptop was performing its functions slowly. Computers become obsolete after six months, forget about six years.

And that's just the way it is.

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