July 24, 2007

Meet Amy Bryce

Against all better judgment, I entered the new Hottest Guy contest. I was expecting to do a more revealing shot this time, but something came up so I decided to submit my favorite pic out of my entire "cosplay" line.

Chances are high that voting in this contest is going to be skewed even worse than before. I've addressed the subject of bribing before, where someone tells you they voted you a "10" so you should do the same for them. You see, there's also another contest going on where young girls submit videos of themselves reading lines from some script, auditioning for an actual movie role in something called The Clique Movie. So since it started going on, my inbox has been flowing with messages with girls literally begging me to give them repeated 10 votes. Now ladies, if I voted 10 for all of you, what would be the point?

After my first 20 votes, I was already ranking a 4.0. Even I know that's too high. I did get a real nice compliment by a would-be actress in hopes that I would help her reach her goal:
"=-O Are You an A&F model or something? If I could, it would be a 100 million but you can only vote as high as 10. Please see my video and give it a 10 too? =] "
I'm a moron and even I know that's shallow pandering. Yes, I'm a model for Abercrombie & Fitch's new Gothic clothing line called "Aberzombie".

I've met some real pretty girls in this contest, but one in particular stands heads and toes above the rest. Her name is Amy Bryce, and she's a model in the United Kingdom. Described as an English Country Rose, this young lady caught my eye as someone special. She wants to be a role model for young girls, to prove that you don't have to be a size 0 to be a model, have fun, or be happy. She's studying to become a marine biologist and balance that with a modeling career. She wants to swim with the Kings of the Ocean, the perfect predators, the nahsty feesh weeth the reely beeg teeth: Great White Sharks. Talk about beauty and the beasts, let's just hope she stays in the shark-proof cage.

Visit Amy
Official Website
The Model Book
Hot Models
Independent Entertainer's Network
Diesel Models

Vote for Amy

Miss Earth UK
Divinity Models
Miss Limo
Online Beauty Pageant
UjENA Talent

And that's just the way it is.

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