February 17, 2012

Company for Valentine's Day

I went to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on Valentine's Day evening. Partly because it looked like a fun adventure movie, but mostly because I try to catch Dwayne Johnson in all of his flicks as long as they aren't ridiculously kiddy fare or centered around football. Without giving a full review, I'll just say that most of its entertainment value will be lost if not viewed with the benefit of a 3D movie screen.

As I exited the theater at around 11:30 p.m., I was approached by a young lady with red hair, black glasses, and a pair of piercings on her lower lip. She asked if there were an ATM machine inside the theater, and I told her that I wasn't aware of one, but it mattered not since the building was now locked from the outside anyway. She was with her boyfriend, who was sitting against the side of the building clutching a backpack. As I walked to the parking lot, the girl yelled out at me "Happy Sappy Love Day", to which I stopped and replied "Nah, not really". Then the girl quickly ran up to me and began to explain their situation. They had no car and no money to hail a cab, and asked if I would give them a ride to their place that was only a few minutes away. Now I really should have walked away from this potentially dangerous situation, but the young lady was persistent, and obviously under the influence of something, so I figured I would have good chance to overcoming a pair of intoxicated car-jackers if the situation called for it. So I caved and gave Jamie and Jay, as I would come to know them, a lift.
Throughout the short drive, Jamie would remark several times that she really liked my leather trenchcoat and continuously asked if I would join herself and her boyfriend the following evening for a local club's fetish night. I declined... I'm not really the kind of guy who wears his fetishes on his sleeve. I also learned that her boyfriend was in a band or something. Both Jay and Jamie took turns reciting the exact same directions to their place, while telling each other not to interfere. When we finally arrived, Jamie asked me a few times if I were single, as she had a former roommate she could hook me up with that was "really hot". I couldn't think of hanging with this duo after only knowing them for about 20 minutes, especially since all I really knew about them was that they would go out, get drunk, and have no means of transportation other than bumming rides from strangers. Also, since they asked if I could pick them up at their place if I chose to join them on fetish night, that they most likely intended on using me as their chauffeur.
After dropping Jamie and Jay off at their destination, I couldn't help but think back to them on the drive home, mostly because my car now had a faint scent of booze inside of it. They did offer to give me some cash to cover gas, but their location really wasn't out of my way so I told them not to worry about it. In the end, they seemed like a nice pair of kids that just wanted to spend Valentine's Day night together drinking and watching Underworld: Awakening. Their social lives seemed far more interesting than my own, that's for sure.

On an unrelated note, three days later my betta fish Gerard lost a portion of his tail fin somehow, although the tip of it looked as if it were embedded in the gravel as opposed to coming to rest there after falling off. A few hours later it was gone. Who am I to judge, I gnaw on my dead skin all the time. Although those portions have never been the length of my ENTIRE BODY. I gave him a few less pellets for his meal, as I figured he had a pretty big one already.

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