January 22, 2007

I'm Checkin' In

Originally posted June 14, 2006

I have not written here for a while. Probably due to the fact that not a whole lot is going on right now. And that I don't believe I have any audience at all. I'm looking into subscribing to a web site listing service so Googlers and Yahooligans can stumble across my page. If they're looking for web sites based on such subjects as "James Gannon, "Callous", "Idle", and "writing". All at the same time.

I recently finished reading a book called Catch-22, by Joseph Heller, written in 1961. My co-worker, Ray Gustafson, lent it to me thinking I might enjoy it. The book was in dilapidated condition after being in storage for a great many years. Sadly, the book didn't fare much better in my possession due to the fact I had to OPEN the thing several times. Both the wrinkled front and back covers fell off, and many flecks of paper tore off. This book was purchased back when a novel cost seventy-five cents. The book can also be considered a gift to me, as Ray consented to me holding onto it after finishing. You probably heard of the term "Catch-22" before. It's generally a situation you can't get out of because the solution somehow gets you tangled even further into your predicament. For example: The only way to get a credit card is to have a good credit history. And the only way to get a good credit history is by using a credit card. Trust me, I have first-hand experience. Where the hell was I? Oh yes, the book. I highly recommend it if you're a serious reader, because your comprehension skills must be refined to understand the bizarre writing style. The words are easy for those with low reading skills, but the way they're arranged throughout the novel is remarkable. It will play with your head, but if you "get it", you will thoroughly enjoy the read.

I haven't been "Brain Aging It" for a while. Too consumed with other games (Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros.), plus other aspects of my life. Sadly, writing and drawing hasn't been one of them. I need to organize my time better.

There was only one catch... and that was Catch-22.

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