January 22, 2007

Memory Lane

Originally posted May 26, 2006

As I was cleaning out my room/office, I came upon several items that I shoved in a cabinet inside my closet. Things that you don't really have a use for, but want to hold onto anyway for sentimental reasons. Among such things are...
-All the cards from my 21st birthday at Dave & Buster's. Most of them offered hilarious anecdotes about getting drunk, but the truth is, I didn't. August 31st, 2002 was the first and last time I've ever consumed alcoholic beverages. Not soley because of my aversion to screwing up my rational thought patterns, but because I just flat out didn't like the taste. My first experiment was with some yellow concoction which I could only take a few sips of. Then there was another called "Purple Hooter" which I could only tolerate. So yes, on my 21st birthday, I sucked down a hooter. Just don't ask me to elaborate, or the innuendo is lost.
-Also from my D&B birthday celebration, a portrait of myself done by one of those photo-booths that take your picture, draw your image, and then spits it out the side. The machine's name was "Leonardo", and according to his digital voice, I was "a masterpiece". I recall looking at the picture after it was developed and saying to myself, "I'm going to stop combing my hair back."
-A thank-you note from my cousins David and Stacy. It was in reference to a wedding gift. In their own words, they enjoyed having me there. That's right folks, I'm available for parties!
-The farewell card from my job at Shaw's Supermarket, as well as the name tag. I was there for 3 years, so I guess I struck a cord with at least the 10 people who signed the card. Two girls made reference to how I never smile, a quality which I proudly maintain to this very day. A note of interest, this card was signed by our very own pedophile and his victim!
-A few keepsakes from my days as a wrestling fan. That ended in '03, but I held onto them. Autographs from Kane and Mick "Mankind" Foley. As well as 7 ticket stubs from live wrestling events I attended. Two from the now-extinct Warwick Musical Theater, and 4 from The Providence Civic Center/The Dunk, one of which was a Pay Per View.
-Newspaper clippings in reference to the tragic death of Owen Hart. Owen was one of my favorite performers, no matter which nickname he was labeled as. His passing hit me pretty hard, despite the fact I didn't know him personally. You watch a guy perform weekly for you after a certain amount of years, it's hard to come to grips with the fact that you will never see him again, and without a proper send-off. I also found the black armband I initialed with O.H. that I wore with me for a week after he died.
-My previous driver's license and a one dollar bill, "Silver Certificate" edition. I'm hoping at least one of these will be worth something to someone someday.
-My cap, gown, and diploma from high school graduation. I better hold on to these, because they are the last kinds of these items I will procure in my lifetime.

Still nothing in the Links section. I was going to add a link to a site of an associate of mine, but he has never responded to my invitation. I will only link to sites with permission from the owners.

Last few Brain Ages since I last wrote are 23, 33, and now 35. It's been a while since I last tested.

And that's just the way it is.

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